I want to talk to an attorney, but I am not sure I need one ... should I call?

We hope you do. We have helped clients solve issues through litigation, but we've also picked up the phone and worked out a resolution before filing any paperwork. Sometimes, we may advise you that the costs of pursuing an action will likely outweigh the benefits. Until we have that first meeting, we can't know. That's why we don't charge you for the initial consultation.  Regardless of whether we sign an engagement letter, our first meeting is confidential.

OK, I'd rather text.  Can I text you?

Of course.  Or let us know the best way to reach you by filling out this form.  

Where are you licensed?

Emily is a licensed attorney in North Carolina and Illinois. You can look up her North Carolina record here and her Illinois record here.

Where are you located?

Emily is based in Chicago, but represents clients throughout Illinois and North Carolina. Ardent Law is a virtual law firm, meaning there is no physical office space to visit. Read more below about why and how we do things this way.

How much do you charge?

Our fees vary, based on the complexity of the case and your preferences. We offer a variety of payment structures, including flat fee and hourly. Payment plans can be arranged to make things easier. We also offer a discounted rate for military service members, first responders, teachers, and clients who volunteer twice a month or more.

What's a virtual law firm?  It sounds like something from the future.

Virtual law firms are a thing of the future, but you won't find us featured in a sci-fi movie. Realizing that typical legal fees are not affordable for the vast majority of individuals and many businesses, Ardent Law decided to forego a physical office and the expenses that come with it. This means that we work off of our computers from just about anywhere, oftentimes meeting with clients at their places of business or homes. We conduct conference calls through virtual meeting software or the old fashioned phone. When we need to conduct a meeting in an office, we rent the space for the time we need. We can charge less than many firms because we have fewer expenses.